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New Jersey Cold Storage Warehouses

New Jersey Cold Storage Warehouses

First Choice Freezers’ New Jersey cold storage warehouses have the reliable units you can depend on. We are dedicated to keeping your products safe, through advanced storage technology and a fleet of trucks ready to move your products where they need to go.

As a business who depends on reliable refrigeration, you should leave the specifics of handling your goods in the hands of an experienced team. First Choice offers refrigerated warehousing and transportation services from a 300,000 square foot facility. We use world-class technology and computer systems for efficient racking and tracking of your products. Our warehouses offer a number of refrigerated rooms for palletized products. In total, we boast over 35,000 pallet positions.

Features of Our New Jersey Cold Storage Warehouses

Pallet Racks
Our current facility offers 35,000 pallet positions. Future expansion will add an additional 8,000 to 10,000 pallet positions.

Blast Freezing
We have a capacity of 6 loads every 18 to 24 hours

We use a fully renovated smart motion sensing LED lighting system.

Refrigerated Equipment
We have state of the art, computer controlled, screw compressors with excess and backup capacity. All refrigeration has been upgraded to new compliant Freon.

Warehouse Management System
We use a modern WMS for tracking and placement.

Our OSHA compliant warehouse has the most modern safety features, including:

  • Minimal or No Wait Time at Docks
  • ICC Dock Locks with Universal Safety Signals
  • Extra High Capacity Drive In Rack Systems
  • Modern Fire Suppression Systems
  • Automated LED Lighting Systems

Just as important to your food storage needs is our fleet of cold storage trucks. Our refrigerated trucks are ready to move your food products quickly, and our experienced drivers have TWIC cards to access secure areas within ports. First Choice handles your shrink wrapping, lift gate, pallet jack services and more.

Your Trusted Local Freezer Storage Provider

First Choice Freezer and Cold Storage is a proud member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, an organization that represents the food preservation industry. The Global Cold Chain Alliance is dedicated to best practices and solutions for cold storage and the protection of food products. We’re proud of our GCCA membership, because it speaks to our commitment to offering the best in cold storage solutions.

Our owner, Michael A. Levari Sr., is a local member of the business community and has been in the agriculture transportation and warehousing industry for over 40 years. The Levari family represents over three generations of expertise in the industry. As far as New Jersey cold storage warehouses go, First Choice, we aim for the best. We have state of the art, computer-controlled, screw compressors with excess and backup capacity. All refrigeration has been upgraded to new compliant Freon. Take a look inside our warehouse here.

If you are looking for a dependable warehouse for your goods, use this form to reach us. Let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to provide. We hope to hear from you soon.