Philadelphia Refrigerated Warehouse

Philadelphia Refrigerated WarehouseFirst Choice Freezers is your destination for Philadelphia refrigerated warehouse storage. We are based in a 300,000 square foot facility a short drive from the city in Vineland, NJ, and we provide refrigerated warehousing and transportation services throughout the Philadelphia area. We store your inventory efficiently and transport it safely, from a modernized facility that can meet your storage requirements.

First Choice is dedicated to food product safety…our warehouse is inspected on a regular basis by the FDA, the USDA, and other public entities that ensure we meet high safety standards. Our protection plan includes several backup systems to protect your inventory, from temperature alarms to freon leak alarms along with backup power and compressor systems. We monitor freezer temps 24/7, and we use only the latest compliant forms of freon.

About Our Philadelphia Refrigerated Warehouse

For Philadelphia refrigerated warehouse storage, we offer several options:

Cold Storage. Your food and goods can be stored in our warehouse as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refrigerated Storage. In our facility, we have sectioned off refrigerated areas that can store large amounts of palleted products.

Dry Storage. If you need a climate controlled space for non-refrigerated goods, we can provide space as needed.

Blast Freezing. For fresh food and produce storage, our blast freezing helps to reduce metabolic processes and extend the life of fresh goods.

Space Leasing. If you are looking for long term refrigerated warehouse space, we can lease a specific space for your desired capacity.

We’ve recently renovated our refrigerated warehouse, including adding LED lighting, computer activated screw compressors, and over 35,000 pallet rack positions. Our facility allows us to easily store and track your inventory. And when it’s time to move your products, First Choice is ready.

Call us today to schedule your Philadelphia refrigerated warehouse needs or use this form to e-mail us. You can depend on First Choice for safe and efficient storage of your food products.